Mass Effect Media was actually created by our clients in 2015.

Driven by the demand and need in the tourism and hopistality industry for a social media marketing company that understood the workings of social media as well as the industry, Mass Effect was made official in September 2016.

We focus on developing and running social media marketing startegies, campaigns and operations specifically for tourism and hospitality businessess, from accommodation establishments to attractions, and even special events and training providers to the industry.

Most marketing companies are running expensive, ineffectual social media marketing campaigns for tourism businesses, and not because they are bad marketers per se, but because our industry is a very unique, dynamic and individual one.
Not only are our business owners themselves unusual, but their products are uniquely developed and presented to specific types of clients, guests and adventurers.

A simple, generic social media strategy just won't do for the tourism and hopsitality industry in Southern Africa.

Mass Effect develops affordable, custom designed social media marketing solutions for the fastest growing industry on the African continent.

We serve the hospitality industry with pride, enthusiasm and dedication, bringing 20 years of experience specifically in the tourism environment to our business.

So, how can we help your business get the mass effect in social media?